The Redneck Tech

$2000 Cheapest Mercedes SL500 rebuild

with $350 c55 AMG engine swap PART 1

$2000 Cheapest SL500 Rebuild

The Damage PART 2

My next build- $1000 SL500 from Copart with 70k miles, I stored since 2013

Quick and Easy repairing a Mercedes oil filter cooler housing leak V8 V6 430 500 320 e430 e500 s500

My $2000 Mercedes SL500 gets a CHEAP ASS $150 Stereo and Amp!

C55 AMG engine getting pulled at LKQ for my $2000 SL500 for 60 more hp!

Easy stripped oil drain plug thread repair

722.6 and NAG1 Transmission wiring adapter plug replacement, leaking fluid